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Cone Beam Scan

i-CAT dental and maxillofacial radiography products have served the dental industry since 1992. i-CAT indications for use consists of an X-ray system that uses a cone beam with a rotational sequence and provides two-dimensional images and three-dimensional volume reconstructions of the maxillofacial areas in children and adults. i-CAT scanners and treatment-planning software allow general dentists to deliver excellent and precise care to their adult and pediatric patients. 

i-CAT Offers Effective Treatment Planning For: Dental Implants - Delivers greater surgical predictability and accurate results to patients using 3D tools.  Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery - Images produced by i-CAT technology conveys medical issues in their earliest stage in the mouth, face, and jaw areas.  Orthodontics - Grants dentists access to exact tooth placement and the relationship of tooth anatomy to design the most effective, non-invasive, treatment plan for best alignment.  Endodontics - i-CAT radiography provides successful diagnosis and treatment for the pulp chamber and root canals in an infected tooth.  Airway - 3D data reveals restricted airways and nasal obstructions for the dentist to decide the proper treatment plan with correct views and measurements.  Periodontics - Helps periodontists manage the amount of bone loss in patients and provides a thorough analysis of bone structure, sinus, and nerve site.  TMJ - Using temporomandibular joint visualization tools, pinpoint technology zooms in on these areas to search for defects and fractures. 

i-CAT products are safe for adult and pediatric care. i-CAT technology is dedicated to exploring different ways to decrease the amount of radiation exposure to patients while delivering high-quality diagnostic images in a controlled environment.

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